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Spotlight on KAPLAN NYC

May 3

For the ESL traveler who wants to dig their paws into the Big Apple! Kaplan International is a unique, exciting and accessible provider of English language classes. With over 75 years of experience and 42 schools located in 8...

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NBA Spring Promotion!

Apr 10

Here's a family-friendly series of events from our marketing partner to kick off your spring. From meet-and-greets to exclusive games, there's something here for anyone....

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Exclusive: NBA Store Holiday Blast

Dec 14

NBA Store Holiday Sale
The promotions mentioned here are live and will be active throughout the holidays. Visit the NBA Store folks on 5th Ave and 45th Street to take advantage of some late-season deals!...

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Exclusive: Tissot Watches Black Friday Sale

Nov 21

Basic CMYK
Click for an exciting promotion from one of our "timely" marketing partners. Need to "clock in" some brownie points with a loved one this holiday season? Well, don't wait too long...indulge in your Black Friday shopping fanta...

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Welcome to New York (A Primer)

Oct 5


How to Fall for NYC

Sep 22

It’s easy to fall IN Manhattan- just take an ill-coordinated step off the edge of a curb. But you know what? It’s even easier to fall FOR our city, especially during the autumnal season. As its leaves turn orange and its ...

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10 Free Things to Do in NYC

Sep 12

FREE Things To Do in NYC
Top 10 Free Things to Visit in the Big Apple 1. Grand Central Terminal One of the few train stations in the city not owned by the MTA, “Grand Central” (as it’s called) has 44 platforms, more than any other railroad in t...

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Top 3 Ways to Ice Scream in the Big Apple

Aug 1

by Pinki (NYC Pocket Intern) Magnum New York Magnum New York is one of the most hyped places ever, for their exquisite ice cream bars. People can customize their very own ice cream bar’s with 200,000 possibilities. They...

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Essen 40th Street Appreciation Post

Jul 21

When you’re on the job in Midtown Manhattan, it can be tough to establish what I refer to as “economical eating options.” That is, you want to get the most bang for your buck; you want to spend as little mon...

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Your New York City Weekend July 8-10

Jul 7

It’s been one heck of a muggy week New York, which is even more reason to spend the weekend relaxing, staying cool, and hitting up some of the best summertime events this city has to offer. Read on for some of our picks...

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Your New York City Weekend July 1-4

Jul 1

It’s 4th of July weekend and lucky you, you get to spend it in the best city in the world! NYC is full of events this weekend including fireworks, barbecues, music festivals and more. We’ve put together a list of ...

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Your New York City Weekend June 24-26

Jun 24

Another gorgeous NYC summer weekend is upon us, and the buzz is palpable from all the amazing events happening throughout the city for NYC Pride leading up to the big march on Sunday! Read below for a few of the many Pride ev...

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Your New York City Weekend June 17-19

Jun 17

New York City is filled with fabulous things to do this Father’s Day weekend, a few of which we’ve listed below. Get out there, enjoy the weather, and treat Dad to a fun day out in the city! THE BACK DOOR: MARTIN ...

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Best Outdoor Markets in NYC

Jun 15

Best Outdoor Markets in NYC
Summertime is made for being outside, and what better way to spend a weekend than by heading to one of NYC’s awesome outdoor markets for handmade goods, vintage clothing and furniture, and delicious food. We’ve ro...

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Your New York City Weekend June 10-12

Jun 10

A celebratory feeling has settled over the city, which can only mean summer is in full swing! This weekend brings plenty of opportunities to get outside and eat BBQ, celebrate heritage, and dance to live music, see below for ...

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Your New York City Weekend June 3-5

Jun 3

Your New York City Weekend June 3-5
The first weekend of June in NYC is momentous, it’s a true marker that summer has arrived and it’s time for us all to act like it! Enjoy the jam packed city summer schedule, starting with a few of the events we...

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Summer Outdoor Movies in NYC

Jun 1

Summer Outdoor Movies in NYC
Ahh sweet, sweet summertime has descended upon the city, and with it comes a jam packed calendar of outdoor events, including a full schedule of outdoor movie screenings, most of which are completely FREE! Take a look at the ...

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Your LONG New York City Weekend May 27-30

May 27

It’s been a scorcher in NYC the last few days, paving the way for the long holiday weekend that serves as the OFFICIAL start of summer! Make the most of Memorial Day weekend by checking out one of the events we’ve...

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Guide to Governors Island 2016

May 25

Guide to Governors Island 2016
This weekend marks the grand re-opening of Governors Island, one of New York City’s greatest summertime havens. Plan time to take the short ferry ride from Lower Manhattan where you’ll find yourself in a car-free ...

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Your New York City Weekend May 20-22

May 20

Welcome to your weekend! Temperatures are rising, patio season has arrived, and each weekend brings the re-opening of another favorite outdoor summertime staple. This weekend is no different with the return of the beloved Hes...

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Your New York City Weekend May 6-8

May 6

Did you mail your Mother’s Day card yet?? If you haven’t you still have time to win major brownie points by taking Mom to one of these cool events! Not able to spend the day with Mom? We’ve still got you cov...

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FREE Things To Do in NYC

May 4

FREE Things To Do in NYC
With its bright lights and shiny tall buildings, New York City puts off a rather expensive gleam. And while it’s true that it’s easy to spend a pretty penny here, it’s also possible to have an enjoyable time...

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Your New York City Weekend April 29-May 1

Apr 29

Your New York City Weekend April 29-May 1
Don’t let the sudden dip in temperature keep you from indulging in springtime activities this weekend. It’s May, we deserve to get out and enjoy the season! The list of outdoor activities popping up each week cont...

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Best Places to Picnic in NYC

Apr 27

Best Places to Picnic in NYC
Spring in NYC seems especially sweet this year. Beautiful 60-degree days and flowers in full bloom have greeted the city over the past few weeks, just screaming at us to get outside! And who are we to say no to lunches on par...

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Your New York City Weekend April 22-24

Apr 22

Your New York City Weekend April 22-24
The weekend is upon us, and the weather is fine! It was a tough week with the sudden loss of Prince, but you can celebrate the life of this incredible artist all weekend long at multiple events throughout the city, including ...

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10 Things to Avoid in NYC

Apr 20

10 Things to Avoid in NYC
New York City is one of the best vacation spots in the world. Here we have everything – the best of theater, shopping, dining, and of course, attractions. But knowing where to go and what to do can make or break a vacat...

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Your New York City Weekend April 15-17

Apr 15

Your New York City Weekend April 15-17
With April flying by, this weekend delivers great weather to get out there and smell the spring flowers before summer descends upon the city. As always New York City hosts an unending number of fantastic events this weekend, ...

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Your New York City Weekend April 8-10

Apr 8

Your New York City Weekend April 8-10
We may have experienced some slight bumps in our beautiful spring weather plans but the show must go on and the weekend is here! Sun, rain, or (please please no) snow, make the best of your weekend with these great events! ME...

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Your New York City Weekend APRIL 1-3

Apr 1

Your New York City Weekend APRIL 1-3
Welcome to spring in New York City! We’re hoping this beautiful weather isn’t an April Fool’s trick but with all of the spring blossoms blooming and restaurant patios opening up for the season, it looks like...

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The 10 Best Pizza Places in New York City

Mar 30

The 10 Best Pizza Places in New York City
New York City is known for a lot of things, but one that rises to the top is its pizza. No matter how you like it, there’s a pie for you in our great city, consult our list on where to eat a slice in NYC right. now. Art...

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Easter Weekend in NYC

Mar 23

Easter in New York City brings flower shows, beautiful bonnets, egg hunts, and…battling bunnies?? You heard correctly, this is NYC after all, home to everything you could ever want, and Easter weekend finds the city ful...

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Your New York City Weekend MARCH 18-20

Mar 18

The official first day of spring falls on this Sunday (and so does a potential snowstorm oddly enough), and the city is coming to life with events. Whether you’re celebrating your Spring Break weekend, still recovering ...

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Your New York City Weekend March 11-13

Mar 11

Spring finally showed itself this week with multiple days of 60 degree temps and we’re hoping it’s here to stay! Get outside and have a picnic, enjoy the weather, and attend one of these great events. The Village ...

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Your New York City Weekend MARCH 4 – 6

Mar 4

While we’re hopeful that the snow this morning was winter’s last hoorah, even with low temps you can make this weekend an awesome one! Get out and celebrate the beginning of March (and spring!) with these great ev...

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March 2016 Event Calendar

Mar 2

Step outside during your lunch break or catch the early evening breeze and there’s no denying…spring is most definitely in the air! We’ve rounded up some of the best events happening around the city this mon...

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Your New York City Weekend FEB 26 – 28

Feb 26

February flew by and with March around the corner we have spring temperatures and events to look forward to! But not to get ahead of ourselves, this weekend holds plenty of fun in store from the opening day of the New York Bo...

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National Margarita Day!

Feb 22

It’s National Margarita Day and tequila plus Monday sounds to us like a recipe for the best day of your week! New York City has a wide variety of margaritas to offer but if you’re looking for some recommendations ...

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Your New York City Weekend FEB 19 – 21

Feb 19

This weekend you can go hang out with Mario, learn from some of NYC’s best beer minds, view a huge collection of work from Edvard Munch all in one place, and much more. Enjoy your weekend New York! NINTENDO NYC GRAND RE...

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Kids Week at the Intrepid

Feb 17

All this week learn about our amazing universe, climate, space, and animals through nine days of fun including a pop-up planetarium, interactive displays, special guests and award-winning children’s book authors....

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Your New York City LONG Weekend FEB 12 – 15

Feb 12

Copy of GUIDE TO(2)
Two holidays in one weekend? New York, stop teasing us. Even if there are polar vortex temps on the horizon for this weekend, enjoy your LONG weekend with (or without) a significant other with these great events! IT’S F...

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Date Night in the Big Apple

Feb 10

Being in love in New York City is magical, and in the city that never sleeps there’s a perfect night out for everyone, no matter your style. Here are a few ideas for a marvelous New York City date night. For the Competitive...

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Your New York City Weekend FEB 5 – 7

Feb 5

You made it through the week and now it’s time to play, here’s our list of what to do this weekend. Whether you’re a football fan or not it’s sure to be a good one! PICASSO SCULPTURE AT MOMA It’s...

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Off The Beaten Path NYC Museums

Feb 4

Off the Beaten Path
New York City is known for having some of the most magnificent museums in the world, visitors come from all over to peruse their hallowed halls. On Tuesday 18 of the biggest museums took to Instagram for #museuminstaswap wher...

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Your New York City Weekend JAN 29 – 31

Jan 29

Friday has arrived, and with no blizzard in sight for this weekend here are a few of the cool things going on around town that you won’t want to miss! BEER, BOURBON & BBQ FESTIVAL Southerners and Southerners at hear...

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Ice Skating in New York City

Jan 27

New York City is home to a number of legendary ice-skating rinks, and with many of them closing in early March this month is your last chance to enjoy one of the city's most entertaining winter activities (and without the cus...

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Nov 4

THE TOUR  Powered By THE RIDE is an immersive multimedia sightseeing adventure! Discover the past, present and future of NYC through the use of integrated technology. See the cityscape unfold from THE TOUR’s stadium-style,...

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Summer in NYC

May 13

There is nothing like a summer in New York City. To make your visit memorable we came up with a quintessential list of some of the best things happening this summer....

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Did you know?

Mar 17

fun facts
DID YOU KNOW? Broadway Edition  Born in the early 1900’s, Broadway was considered the cultural hub of New York City. During this time, the best seats in the house wouldn’t cost more than $2.00. TONY AWARDS  The Firs...

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Feb 19

With so much to see in NYC trying to get everything in can become overwhelming. So to make your stay in NYC hassle free, we’ve narrowed some of the must-see places that the boroughs have to offer.   THE BRONX Arthu...

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The 9/11 Memorial & Museum

Jan 29

The sound of the waterfalls and the nearly one acre in size void of the footprints where the Twin Towers once stood reflect the scale of the sorrow the 9/11 terrorist attacks brought to New York and the world. The site of the...

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Jan 5

Visiting the greatest city in the world can be expensive but if you plan ahead and stay on top of your game there are plenty of ways to make the most of your money. Here are a few tips:...

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Artists & Fleas

Dec 22

Come shop and mingle with some of New York trendiest designers and independent retailers. Be sure to also check out Artists & Fleas Williamsburg, Brooklyn location opened only on weekends. Be on the look out for Artists and...

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Brooklyn Brainery

Dec 3

The Brooklyn Brainery also known as the hipster schoolhouse offers affordable classes on a mind-boggling range of topics, from The History of Pizza to the 2012 Apocalypse Crash Course. All ourse topics are dreamed up and sugg...

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Brooklyn Art Library

Dec 3

This unique library is absolutely breathtaking. The gorgeous space is lined with chelves sighing under the wight of many books. But not just any books. This is the home to The Sketchbook Project, where people are given empty ...

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Mohonk Mountain House

Dec 3

Mohonk Mountain House is an award-winning resort near the Catskill Mountains. Perfect for idyllic family vacations, romantic escapes, and instant getaways. The Victorian castle resort invites guests to be as active or relaxed...

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On Tap at Whole Foods

Dec 3

Looking to take a break from shopping or to meet friends for an afternoon snack? Stop by On Tap, a bar in a supermarket (at Whole Foods Columbus Circle) for delicious munchies, hundreds of beers and weekly events. Stop by on ...

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The NY Chinese Scholar Garden

Dec 3

Lorem Ipsum is simply dummy text of the printing and typesetting industry. Lorem Ipsum has been the industrys standard dummy text ever since the 1500s, when an unknown printer took a galley of type and scrambled it to make a ...

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Sugar Factory

Dec 3

Just opened in April 2013, Sugar Factory is a 3,000-square-foot palace of a sweet lover dream. However, you do not have to have a sweet tooth to enjoy this candy wonderland. There is something on the menu for everyone and th...

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Reunion Surf Bar

Dec 3

If you can not book a trip to the beaches of Hawaii or the Bahamas, Reunion Surf Bar can offer you something close to it. Upon arrival you will spot a yellow surfboard make your way past the door, head downstairs and you woul...

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The Cliff

Nov 8

come with your best active gear and prepared to be amazed at The Cliffs. This place is enormous making it the largest rock gym in the Northeast! The Cliffs is 30,000 square feet offering tons of wall space for bouldering, ...

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Hester Street Fair

Nov 3

Tons of vendors gather at Hester Street Fair every Saturday and Sunday for a dynamic outdoor market in the heart of the historic Lower East Side. Here you will get to sample artisanal street food, vintage clothing, handmade...

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Great go to travel app! myCitiapp

Nov 3

With myCitiapp, navigating around town has never looked or been any easier! It is a great app for finding local hot spots. When I have visited an unfamiliar city or even my city I have been able to count on myCitiapp for nea...

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Broadway French Market

Nov 1

Stop by the plaza on Broadway between 35th and 36th streets for Midtown only open-air Farmers Market. You will find everything from local produce, organic good''s, flowers, crafts, and more. This market is the perfect destina...

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