Spotlight on KAPLAN NYC

For the ESL traveler who wants to dig their paws into the Big Apple!
Kaplan International is a unique, exciting and accessible provider of English language classes. With over 75 years of experience and 42 schools located in 8 countries around the world, Kaplan integrates a well-rounded experience for learners of English. With two New York centers, located in the Empire State Building and the city’s trendiest neighborhood, SoHo, students in Kaplan have prime learning spaces. Students learning English in New York are provided with living accommodation to participate in fully immersive program that not only has students working with highly trained teachers, but enjoying cultural events to completely engage with the community. The city that never sleeps has extensive buses, trains, and subways making traveling around this gorgeous city a breeze. New York City is home to countless museums, theater, shops, concert halls, and restaurants that Kaplan students have the opportunity to gain unforgettable experiences from.
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