The Best Beer Halls in NYC

Looking for a classy way to drink alcohol? Try one of these fine beer establishments peppering the Big Apple…

1. HEARTLAND BREWERY With three locations throughout Manhattan, Heartland Brewery is a must-go for beer lovers. It’s first location in Union Square opened in 1995, when New York was not yet a stop for avid pub-crawlers. Heartland has been brewing American craft beers for over 20 years now, including six classic brews and a large range of seasonal beers. (Like The Smiling Pumpkin Ale, how’s that for the pumpkin spice obsession?) Locations include Times Square, the Empire State Building, and Midtown West. 2. BROOKLYN BREWERY Brooklyn Brewery lies in the most up-and-coming neighborhood in New York City—Williamsburg. It’s the home of the ever-popular brew among hipsters (and don’t count their opinion out, this stuff is good!), Brooklyn Lager. Opening in 1987 by two beer lovers and brewers, Brooklyn Brewery is a part of New York City’s beer history that even offers tours and tastings! 3. HOUSTON HALL In Manhattan, it’s worth taking a trip to this happening beer hall. Its large, open floor plan makes it perfect for mingling and partying, all while maintaining that gritty feeling as you sip on house-made craft beer. Because of the natures of this space, Houston Hall also hosts a plethora of events. If lower Manhattan weren’t already cool enough, Houston takes it to levels out of this world. 4. REICHENBACH HALL When you think Germany you think…beer and sausage, of course! Or rather, bier and bratwurst. Reichenbach Hall allows you to have a little taste of Germany all while still being in New York City. At this German joint, you can enjoy an extensive menu of German brews, as well as a hearty menu filled with traditional German dishes and snacks! It’s the perfect place to pretend you’re at Oktoberfest! 5. FLATIRON HALL If your interested in an eclectic drinking experience, Flatiron Hall is the place for you. With 12 special beers on tap at all time, their craft beer is sourced from Beer Works Brooklyn Brewers. Its diverse menu tends to all preferences and its stunning atmosphere features a Victorian style 25ft. bar from the Commodore Hotel in downtown Manhattan, which is over 140 years old! 6. THE BRONX BEER HALL This under-the-radar spot in the Bronx doesn’t get nearly as much credit as it deserves. Just as hip as any bar in Brooklyn, The Bronx Beer hall serves a full menu of New York State craft beer. They even partner with neighboring restaurants to bring you the best menu paired with the best beer. This welcoming and fun spot is a great place to kick back and enjoy a cold one. 7. AMBROSE BEER AND LOBSTER Feeling fancy? Ambrose Beer and Lobster is located in the Seaport District of New York, on the cobblestone of Fulton & Front Street. This bar is dedicated to preserving the look and feel of the historic seaport, which is just a two minute walk from the bar itself. They serve an always-changing menu of 12 seasonal and locally sourced brews, artisanal liquor, and all things lobster. While this spot seems quite refined, make sure you’re looking out for happy hour prices! 8. THE BEER GARDEN AT BOHEMIAN HALL In the late nineteenth century, many Czech and Slovak immigrants found a home in Astoria, Queens. In 1892, the Bohemian Citizens’ Benevolent Society was formed, named after Bohemia, which today is the Western part of the Czech Republic. In the early 1910’s, the Bohemian hall was built, along with an outside bar and park. They now serve a plethora of traditional Czech beers and dishes, all in its very lush and cozy outdoor garden. Its rich history alone creates a memorable and exciting experience! 9. THE BIERGARTEN AT THE STANDARD With a relaxed and laid-back atmosphere right next to the High Line Park, The Biergarten at the Standard dishes out classic German brews and food. It’s an essential part of any New York City beer tour, and it’s outdoor garden is the perfect spot to sit back and sip, taking in all of New York while tasting the flavors of Germany. Its location in the Meatpacking District is prime for partygoers and beer lovers alike. 10. MCSORLEY’S OLD ALE HOUSE This rustic, gritty pub is the oldest Irish tavern in New York City. It was first opened in 1854, and originally only allowed men inside (which is not the case any longer!). Now, they serve both dark and light beers, and draw crowds for the authentically Irish beer and it’s rich history. Notable patrons of McSorley’s in the past include Abraham Lincoln, Ulysses S. Grant, and Teddy Roosevelt!

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